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Is there a place that can refurbish old sunglasses?

I have a pair of old sunglasses given by my brother. The lenses are glass and there seems to be gaskets of some sort that hold them in the frames. The gaskets themselves are bad. So is there a place that can refurbish old sunglasses?
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  • adams


    You can take your old sunglasses to any optician and ask whether they can refurblsh your old sunglasses. I think most of the opticians will be willing to do it for you as long as you pay extra money.
  • emale2222


    Yes. You can go to any optical shop to ask them refurbish the sunglasses for you. But maybe it is expensive. And I think maybe you can get touch with the manufacturer of your glasses, they must be very happy to know that you like their glasses that you just want to refurbish, but not buy a new one. But i suggest that you'd better buy a new one, because sunglasses will not be effective if it works too long.