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Eric quick


Can I get my old sunglasses with new lenses?

I have a pair of antique ray-bans with 10 years old. The frames are good but there is no lens in it. Where can I put new lenses in it?
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  • emily_xoox


    First, you can go to the place where you bought your sunglasses before and ask if they can fix new lenses in your old sunglasses that you purchased from them a long time ago. Then you can go to an ophthalmologist and ask if there is any kind of lenses that will suit you and also ask him for a place where it can be fixed. Hope it helps.
  • Benji


    If the lenses are non prescription,things can be much easier. You just need to take the frames to the optical store and ask them to put lenses in it. But if it is prescription lens, your prescription is needed for them to cut the lenses for you.