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Is it ok to use two different contact lenses solution for one pair of contacts?

I just run out of a bottle of contact solution and the new bottle is from another company. so Can use the new solution on a pair of contacts that were soaked in another brand solution before?
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  • Matthew


    You can do. But it may hurt your eyes if your eyes are sensitive to the new solution. In fact, contact lenses are matched with its special solution. We cannot change for another type of solution. However, you can have a try if you need. If you feel uncomfortable, don't use it again next time.


    Yes you can. The contact solution are basically the same ingredient. But if you have use one brand for a long time, your eyes may not get used to the new one at first.
  • Todd Brenner


    The answers provided are dangerously incorrect. Whether or not it is safe to mix multiple MPDS depends on the active ingredients, and they are rarely the exact same between brands and products. The danger is that you will dilute an active ingredient below the threshold required for antimicrobial activity. Say you filled a lens case halfway with MPDS 1, which uses Active Ingredient 1 in 0.0002% concentration. Since you ran out of MPDS 1, you decided to finish filling the case with a MPDS 2, having Active Ingredient 2 in 0.0002% concentration. Now, you have Active Ingredients 1 and 2 in 0.0001% concentrations, rather than the original 0.0002%. Both are at half the concentration the manufacturer designed them to be in. As a result, disinfection may be ineffective.