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How to use the contact lens solution?

I have never had the experience of wearing contacts and now I just got a bottle of contact solution. But I don't know how to use it.
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  • Kristy Prince


    Every night when you take your contact lenses out, you should put both your lenses respectively in the contact solution. However, before you start to take your lenses out, you should wash your habds clean. Then put one lens on your palm and drop several drops of the solution onto the lens. Then use the other hand rub the lens gently to clean it. Do the same as the other one. After cleaning the lens, you should put your lenses in the solution to keep them moist. Renember that the contact solution should be replaced every day.
  • Catherine williams


    There should be instruction about how to use it in the outer packing. It is easy to use them. If you don't wear contacts, put them in the solution to clean and disinfect them.

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