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How much does an eye exam for contacts cost at Sears?

Have anyone took an eye exam at sears. I plan to get an exam for buying contact lenses. How much should i prepare if i go to sears to take an eye exam for contact lenses?
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  • Celina


    Sorry, I haven't had the eye exam at Sears. But I have tested my eyes at eyemasters when they have the discount activity which costs me about $10. Before you plan to wear the contact lenses, you are right to have the eye exam for contacts. If you have the trachoma, you'd better give up wearing the contact lenses. If not, you'd better wear contact lenses while keeping good hygiene habit.
  • griffin


    I just had the eye exam at Walmart last year, charging for about $ 15. The eye exam has the full programs which is very useful for my matching of eyeglasses. I think the price of Walmart is relatively cheaper than those at sears. You'd better prepare a little more money before you go to take the eye exam at sears.
  • Melissa


    Well, it all depends. Sometimes in some stores, if you go there to buy contact lenses, they will provide you with professional eye test totally free of charge, but there are also some stores that charge you for getting eye test. However, generally speaking, the fare for eye test would no be very high, sometimes you just have to make a small budget of 10 to 20 dollars and that will be enough for you to go through a professional eye test. And at Sears, the fare would not be much higher since the cost is pretty low.

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