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How to make eyes look more symmetrical ?

I have a pair of asymmetric eyes. It upset me. Do you have any idea that can make my eyes look more symmetrical ?
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  • Anna


    There are two way for you to make the eyes look more symmetrical. The one is makeup, the eyes shadow and eyelash mascara would bring the visual effect to make your eyes seem to be symmetrical. The other is seeking the help from beauty surgery. Besides, there is another way out of physical, you know the great man always like to be little. Caring the appearance less and turn the attention to the mind. Great mind will give people wisdom and temperament. Or the great achievement will let people regard you with special respect. They will totally forget the shortage of your appearance and admire you with your contribute to the society.
  • Jackson


    All right, It seems that you are quite unhappy with your eyes, which might not be identical with each other. So, a lot of people have this problem, which is inborn, and you simply do not have anything to do with it unless you try to take some plastic surgery. But that takes risk and you have to think it over and over again. Just take it easy.


    Usually most people will have asymmetric eyes which will not be easily found by other people. However if you want to make your eyes look more symmetrical, you could wear the contact lenses and do the eye make up to get it. At the same time, you will make your eyes look beautiful and big.

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