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Logan hall


Why do my eyes ache when i'm sick?

I got a cold and then my eyes also ache. Why? What causes that? How to deal with it?
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  • eclipseracer01


    When you are sick, the blood vessels in your eyes dilate. They want to give oxygen and nutrients to your eyes. That's why your eye aches. In this situation, you need to have a good rest and sleep a lot. Then make sure you drink lots of water to flush out toxins and mucus from your body. But you should not eat much, so your body can use its energy in repairing itself, not digesting. However, if you do feel good enough to eat, eat fruits and vegetables for the nutrients and energy. Besides, try to get some fresh air and some sunlight.
  • b0wfing3r


    From your description, your eye ache is caused by cold. It is normal to feel eye ache for serious cold, especially for people run high fever. If you want to stop your eye ache, you have to cure your cold first. Anyway, you can use ice compress to help you reduce the eye aches. Place a small ice bag on each of your closed eyes for a while, it not cure your eye pain, but it can help you reduce eye pain. Hope this help you.
  • Kathleen


    The symptoms you talked about are relatively common, because it should be caused by soreness of eye muscle. When you got cold, the virus has gone into the muscles, which would cause muscle hyperemia and inflammation. So there will be a phenomenon of partial muscle soreness. But sometimes you feel your eyes are painful, actually there is something wrong with the other place, such as in the sinus or nose. Generally the method of compressing or taking some analgesics can be effective in the treatment.
  • Dan Samberg


    I think when we got a cold. We often feel dizziness and can't focus our attention on work or study. The obstructed nose will not allow enough oxygen to enter our brain. This may cause lack of oxygen in the brain. We may feel tired when we are reading and easy to suffer from eye strain and pain eye at this time. I think the best way is to treat with your cold and then the pain will go away on its own.
  • Jenya


    A serious cold may bring tiredness and pain to every part of our body. Once I had a cold and it lasted for 3 weeks. I suffered a lot during this cold. My throat hurt worst from morning till night. I wanted to finish my work but I felt pain in my head and eyes when I was staring at the computer screens. So I give up and have a good rest in the end. I also drank plenty of water and take some medicines. Hope this helps!
  • carolmck


    You've got the cold which means that your immune system has got the problem. And the throat, nose and eye nerves are interlinked. The cold may causes the fever which can directly make your eyes feel dry. Thus, you'd better cure your cold firstly. Then eat food with vitamine A to make the eyes moisture.
  • crockettcastle


    If your cold was caused by a viral, your pain eye may cause by the viral infection too. Sinus problems and migraine headaches bought by cold often cause pain eyes. I think you'd better have a good rest at this time. Close your eyes and lie down your body. You can also do some exercise until you have many sweet. I often heard that sweating can help relieve a cold. You can have a try. And don't forget to drink plenty of water per day.
  • Luke


    Some cold infections are caused by viruses that can also directly affect the eye. Usually the eye will be red or have discharge in that case. Colds can lead to inflammation of tissue around the eye, as well as sinus involvement, or blockage of the tear duct. This pressure can result in eye pain. If you have vision change, worse pain, nausea, you should have the eye pain evaluated.There's no cure for a cold or the flu. Antibiotics don't work against viruses. All you can do to feel better is treat your symptoms while your body fights off the virus. Or you can go to seek medical attention. Hope this helpful.
  • coppercoconut19


    Viral infections such as the flu can cause eye pain. Migraine headache and Sinus problems can also cause eyes to hurt.
  • emi47678


    Maybe when you are really sick, you often cough a lot. The pressure caused by the coughing applied on your eyes may lead to eye pain. Dear friend, you'd better treat with cold immediately. My roommate often chooses to ignore the cold and wait for it to go away by its own. But I think it is not a good way to deal with this problem. Go and see a doctor for some medicines immediately.

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