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What are polycarbonate lenses? should i get polycarbonate lenses?

One optician suggested me to choose polycarbonate lenses for my new glasses. I have not made my decision yet. Before buying glasses lenses, i want to know what are polycarbonate lenses? What are advantages of polycarbonate lenses? Are they worth the buy.
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  • chocolateeeee


    Polycarbonate lens are also called PC lens or space lens.Compared with hard resin lens we common use, the main advantage of polycarbonate lenses is safe explosion-proof. It is not easily broken even you use the hammer. They are very useful for those guys who love to do sports. And they are worthy to buy.
  • Alexander


    Polycarbonate lenses are known to be safer and thinner but rather lack optical clarity. And also, Polycarbonate lenses are also known to be thinner and lighter than traditional type lenses. Polycarbonate lenses offers you total protection from UV light and radiations. On the contrary, ordinary plastic offers you minimum protection from UV light. If you use plastic lenses, you may need to invest in antiglare material to protect you from any harmful rays. So in my opinion, you should choose Polycarbonate lenses. and they are no so expensive, so you can buy them.
  • Eric rupert


    polycarbonate glasses are a type of plastic eyewear, which is much lighter and thinner than traditional plastic glasses. They are moldable, durable, inexpensive form of glasses as well. It is used in bulletproof windows in addition to safety glasses because of its flexibility and strength. A great benefit of polycarbonate glasses is that they offer 100 percent UV protection. And they are hard to break, highly scratch resistant based on there is a special anti-scratch coating on it. Meanwhile, they are lighter weight, and thinner than usual glass or plastic lenses.

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