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Does cameron diaz wear contacts?

Is there anyone who knows if cameron diaz wears contact lenses. If so, what types of contact lenses does she wear? Where can i get it?
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  • William


    Yes, cameron diaz wears the contact lenses. It is the brown contact lenses that she wears which make her look so beautiful and attractive. There are so many colored contact lenses in both the real stores and online stores. If you like such colored contact lenses, you could go to the online stores with high reputation to have a search, like the amazon or ebay.
  • Caitlin


    After taking a full-scale and deep search for his pictures and some activities he attended online, I believe no one can deny that cameron diaz is a charming woman with real class. Her smile is warm like sunshine. Besides, I found out that she hardly ever wear glasses even in his daily life, she doesn't have a vision problem. Therefore, as the case stands, cameron diaz don't wear contact lenses at all. You can also confirm the statement by yourself again. Hope these information really do help.
  • edward


    Well, sounds like you are quite into cameron diaz, who is one of the hottest women in the world. And the American actress has actually got a pair of sea blue eyes from the very beginning. So, she doesn't need to wear any contact lenses to be more attractive. If you like those blue eyes, you could get a pair of blue contact lenses at any optical center. Such as Amazon or Best Buy. Hope you find what you need.