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Adam peters


What should I do when I get shaving cream in my eye?

It is a accident that i got a bit of shaving cream in my eyes. And my eyes get hurt now. How can i treat my eyes? Please help.
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  • Jada


    Your eyes may be stimulated suddenly and feel bad when there is the shaving cream in your eyes. You should just wash them out of the eyes as soon as possible. Then you should use the clean cloth to dry it. You could just use some eye drops to release the symptom. At last, you could also use the warm compress to make your eyes feel better.
  • Robert Lipman


    Shaving cream is a soft soapy substance which men put on their face before they shave. Therefore, the soapy substance will definitely irritate eyes and make your eyes get hurt.But don't worry, i am willing to help you get rid of this situation. At first, if you don't feel very uncomfortable, you can deal with it by yourself except rub your eyes with your hands. Second, wash the eyes with a large amount of clean water to make sure it drain out of your eyes with flowing water. Next, use several droplets of anti-inflammatory eye drops.However, if the situation is serious, you are supposed to go to hospital to have a professional eye check as soon as possible.
  • Mackenzie rose


    Well, it seems that your eyes have got some troubles. Anyway, it is not very serious because those shaving cream is not very poisonous, you just need to flush your eyes with some normal saline, then try to get some anti- biotic eye drops. Most importantly, try not to rub your eyes because that would give rise to some infections. Go and visit a doctor if necessary ok?
  • evelyn


    You should thoroughly wash it with water or saline. You can use a lubricant eye drop like Refresh Tears along with an anti-biotic eye drop like Vigamox. If you she has any problems like blurring, redness, pain or watering after few hours then you should see an ophthalmologist as you may have developed a corneal epithelial defect. Shaving cream is not very likely to do that.