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Can I clean my eyeglasses with dish detergent?

There are oil splash on my eyeglasses. Can i clean it with dish detergent? Will it harm my eyeglasses?
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    No, you should not clean the eyeglasses with dish detergent. Because dish detergent contains many chemicals, which are very slightly acidic and can dissolve alkali metals, which is what your eyeglass lens coatings are made out of. Although this is very mild, over time it might have an affect. In other words, it will hurt your lenses because it has ingredients that strip important coatings off your lenses. The best method of cleaning eyeglasses is to use an eyeglass lens cleaner, which contains distilled water and Isopropanol Alcohol and a lint free chamois cloth. And you can get it from the store or your eye doctor.
  • Sisi


    Yes. Actually you are totally can wish your eyeglasses with dish detergent, I've used dish soap and warm water to wash mine several times. It works really well. It will not hurt your eyeglasses regardless of their material.
  • EDGAR Schneider


    Yes, you can. But you must keep in mind that just using a little dish detergent to eliminate the oil part on your eyeglasses. The amount of dish detergent should be controlled. Or else, it may damage the coating part of the eyeglasses. After using the dish detergent, you must use the clean water to wash it and use the smooth cloth to dry it.
  • Hunter jackson


    Yes, you can. But you should pay attention on this. You can use dish detergent on your eyeglasses and then wash them with clean water. You must wash the dish detergent out without residual. Otherwise, the dish detergent will be harmful for your glasses especially for the filter of the lenses. Then you need wipe them gently with soft glasses cloth.
  • Rick Johnson


    Yeah, the dish detergent can help you clean your loved eyaglasses if you take the right steps. In the chemical boundary, there is one theory called "like dissolves like". Like you said, there is some oil splash on the surface of the glasses, and some certain chemical substance in the dish detergent can dissolve the oil splash. Of course, there will be some resultant after the reaction, and then you need put your eyeglasses under the water till the glasses is clean. Nevertheless, I suggest you take your glasses to the eyeglasses shop to wash if you have time because this way can not clean your eyeglasses totally, and the experts in the shop can help you clean them via ultrasound.

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