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When can i play water sports after lasik surgery?

I just took a lasik surgery three days ago. Can i play water sports? How soon can i take water sports?
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  • Mona


    Yes, you can still enjoy water sports after lasik surgery. Since you has just took a lasik surgery, you shall at least wait for 3 months before you enjoy some water sports like eater skiing and wind surfing etc. So, right now, you shall not take some water sports for the sake of your eye healthy. Besides, you must get your eyes checked and get permit drom eye doctor before you go the a water sports.
  • chemicalumnesnt


    After the lasik surgery, you'd better have a rest for a week. During this time, you'd better not use your eyes too much, letting them get recovery gradually. However the water sports, such as the surfing or swimming, may contain a lot of bacterium which comes from the dirty water. Basically, you could do the sports in a month. But the precondition is that your eyes can't touch with water. If you really want to do such water sports, you can do this after three months.
  • Allison walker


    Generally speaking, it would be safer not to play water sports after Lasik surgery, for your eyes need to rest and recover, and direct contact with water is not good for your fragile eyes. So, my suggestion is to take another week to rest and use less your eyes, so that they could be fully recovered!
  • garcia


    The time within one month after your surgery, do not go to water sports such as swimming. Even the sports which are easy to hurt the eyes, e.g. basketball or football, to avoid the external force crash into the eyes. Fatigue, dirty, and injury must be prohibited to protecting the surgery effects, because at this time, the eyes are too vulnerable to the hurt of outside. The wound are easily to be broken again and get infection. Beside the above cautions, there's something I remind to you for your care of eyes. Please don't wash your head or take shower within three days after the surgery. Meanwhile, avoid the dirt sewage into your eyes to prevent from infection. Make sure the water will not splash into your eyes within two weeks after the surgery. If not, use eye drop for help. During this period of the month after surgery, you’d better wear sunglasses when you go out to avoid the stimulation of outside blazing rays and dust.