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Do side swept bangs look good with glasses?

I am going to make my hair. I always wear my prescription eyeglasses. So, will side swept bangs look good with glasses? What's your opinion? Any suggestion?
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  • emkat_rodd


    In my opinion, the straight bang and the eyeglasses will show the tactful character. About the side wept bangs and the galsses, it will make you look sweet. However, if you choose the big frame black eyeglasses, it will look so cute and cool. You can also choose the nerd eyeglasses to match with your side wept bangs.
  • edward


    It depends on what types of person you are. Most of people will get look with side swept bangs look good when wear eyeglasses. But if you have a very high head and with small amount of hair, you'd better not leave side swept bangs, you can try full bangs. If you have a very low head and with a round face, you'd better avoid any types of bangs and let expose your head.
  • ea4ever2end


    I think you should consult your barber and try different styles before making. For myopia person, prescription glasses and bangs can take a lot of trouble. The first impression is very important. How to make it attractive? I will give some tips. The length of bangs should be suitable. Otherwise, it will lay over the glasses, and you have to swipe it all day long. The style of bangs and eyeglasses should be suitable for you face figure. If you have a round face, side swept bangs look great on you, which can lengthen your face. And a think frame eyeglasses is the best for you, modifying the round figure. If your face is small, wide bangs and slimmer glasses might be beautiful. They make your eyes bigger and brighter.
  • chopperkriss


    As my personal opinion, I love side swept band very much, especially the new hair style's swept band. I can tell you a little secret, the swept band will give your the appearance that would make people seem younger than the actual age. Blunt band matches glasses will give you a cool and cute feeling. However, the frame of the glasses may be a little bright colored, the black or dark colored glasses will give you a depressing inflexible impression to the people around you. Some decoration on your glasses would be recommended also to match your new fashion style hair cut. So, now you know how to deal with your hair style and the glasses! Have fun!

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