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Nathan harris


Are transition lenses worth the money?

Yesterday, i went to a eyeglasses shop to buy eyeglasses. And i saw that transition lenses are more expensive that regular lenses. Why? Are transition lenses worth the money?
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  • cnpriest


    It depends on how you use it. As we know, the best benefit of transition lenses is that they can react to UV rays. When in sun, they can turn dark and protect the wears eyes from uv rays and strong light. When you indoor, the transition appear transparent and look like a regular eyeglasses. So, if you often go out and in, you can buy transition eyeglasses. However, transition lenses are not so perfect. It need a few seconds to react when in sun. Besides, the lenses will lost its function of reacting to UV rays after long use ( usually two years, i am not sure).
  • Caitlin


    The transition lenses can be changed the color between the inner room and outer space because of the ultraviolet irradiation. When you are in the room, the color of lenses is similar to the normal ones. When you are out and the light comes to your eyes, it will change the color. The material of the lenses is different from that of common eyeglasses which may be the big reason for a little high price. If you want to look cool or a little different, you can buy one. Because of their special features, I think they are worth your money.
  • ymye


    I think they are good value for money, Transitions are very popular and i like them very much ,They make a pretty good sunglass outside.