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How to get rid of eye boogers in my eyes?

In recent days, i find that my eyes often come out eye boogers. How can i get rid of that?
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  • Christopher dale


    As we know that eye boogers are just a kind of object which occurs when you wake up the next morning. When we sleep, we close our eyes. So the dust and many other dirty things will be not be poured out by the tear. Then the dirty thing will be solid like eye boogers outside the eyes. To clean your eye boogers, you can wash them with a wash cloth and have some eye drops which can relieve your case. But if your situation is serious, you'd better go and see a doctor first.
  • craziblondi36


    Eye boogers are a kind of eye mucus that is recognized as eye dust. It's usually to see eye boogers on the outer corner of the eyes. In general, they are accumulated during sleep thus you could find them in the morning. It's easy for you to clean them by using a washcloth with warm water to wet the eyelid and eyelashes for one to two minutes to clean them off.
  • clark


    You can get rid of eye boogers in your eyes with one soft towel. It is better to use the running water, not in the basin. Then you need find the reason why you have the eye boogers. It is because you get angry or there are some diseases in your eyes. At the same time, you need have fruits and vegetables, and do not eat spicy and hot food. That will be helpful to reduce boogers. Booger is also a signal of eye inflammation, you had better do the eyes examination and treat timely.

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