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Should i wear glasses to a party?

I plan to go to a party this weekend and i'm thinking whether i will look weird to that party? Can i wear my glasses? I have myopia and i can't se clearly without my glasses. What am i supposed to do?
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  • Francesca Margariti


    Yes of course! You can be super fashion to a party with your glasses on! They can be your fancy accessory!! Check out these tips _a href=""_How to Style Glasses for a NIGHT OUT LOOK_/a_!
  • Thomas keith


    Hello. Actually, you can wear your glasses and go to the party , it's quite normal and not weird at all. But if you really do not feel comfortable, since you have myopia and can not see clearly without glasses, I suggest you wear contact lenses. It can solve your vision problem and you do not need to worry about your appearance any more with the contact lenses in your eyes.
  • Makayla


    It totally depend on yourself. It is OK to go the party with wearing glasses. Since you have myopia, you can buy some stylish prescription eyeglasses to wear in party. If you think it is weird to wear eyeglasses in party, there is a thing named contact lenses that can help you. You can buy prescription contact lenses that can provide your vision aids and make you look as normal person without eyeglasses.
  • cruelladeville0


    In my opinion, it is not inappropriate to wear glasses at a party. You won't look weird with them. If you worry about glasses will make you look rigid, you can choose a pair of glasses with fashion design. There are many kinds of vogue glasses such as big frame glasses. If you hope the glasses would not be conspicuous, a pair of rimless glasses is a good choice. If you really don't want to wear glasses, but you are plagued by myopia, you can wear contact lenses.