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Mariah shelley


Does eyes strain eventually lead to loss of eyesight?

My new work require me always seeing computer. Now, i feel very eye strain. Does that mean some problems with my eyes? Will eyes strain eventually lead to loss of eyesight?
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  • elen_t


    Yes, it may. But the rate of this happening is not high. If you work too hard and use computer continuously with no rest, you will have great stress on your nerves of eyes. If this happens a lot and your eye nerve can't get help in the proper time, you will face the chance of losing eyesight. Thus, taking care of your eyes, you will not let this happen.
  • enriquejacob


    When you are often sitting in your office, glaring at the computer screen for hours, you must have felt pain in and around the eyes and at times your vision might have gone blurred. This is nothing but eye strain .Eyes strain can lead to many eye problems. Such as the blurry eyes or dry eyes. To relieve eye pressure, you should try to blink more when you are working on a computer screen. You can take short breaks and look off into the distance to relax eye muscles with help from an ophthalmologist on eye problems.
  • greg t


    Of course, it means some problems with your eyes, especially if you don't control the time of using computer. And the time should never exceed 10 hours a day theoretically. To some extent, having been sitting in front of computer screen for a long time may lead to loss of eyesight. The radiation of computer is the direct root which causes this problem and you are easy to get tired eyes or eye strain. Do you feel eye itchy? Or do you feel painful in eye? If you are in these situations, we suggest that you pay attention to eye health. You can take an overlook into distant green trees and blue sky occasionally and have a banana per day. Besides, you can choose to drop some eye drops to relieve the tiredness of eye.

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