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Caroline bell


Can i bowl after cataract surgery?

I just had my cataract surgery last week. But my friends ask me out tonight to bowl. Will it be okay for me to bowl to night?
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  • Brook Park


    You had better not bowl with your friends. Even if you long to bowl, you need to wait till a month later in case that the fierce activity can lead the incision of the cataract surgery to rupture. In addition, do not rub or touch your eye after cataract surgery and do not splash the dirty water into the eye in the process of shampoo, bathe or washing your face. Do not drink alcohol within a month even if you long to it. You had better not eat pungent foods, too. Ensure that you have enough sleep per day and do not strain your eyes. Otherwise, it will make a bad influence on your eye.
  • cnpriest


    It depends how long you take the surgery. Usually, people can start some gentle activity such as walking or lawn bowls after a week. From this point, you can go with friends. But please don’t play it roughly. Besides, you are not suggested to swim and other contact some sports such as at least 3 weeks after surgery. Also, to help heal the eyes, you shall not wear eyeglasses at least 3-4 weeks after the surgery.

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