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Kelly gary


What do small pupils mean?

I heard my friend said that he has small pupils when he picks up eyeglasses frames. What does he meaning? What do small pupils mean?
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  • may lj


    According to your description, do your mean your friend has small pupil distance? This is very important when buy prescription eyeglasses. The accurate pupils distance is key important to make a pair of suitable eyeglasses to provide your vision. And for people with small pupils distance, they should choose small eyeglasses frames so as to install eyeglasses that fit for their vision requirements.
  • charger101


    Small pupils, the main feature are the area reflecting light is small and the retinal inspection is a shadow. If you have small pupils, you need have multi-purpose subjective optometry through the specimen after prescription glasses. As you are in the special cases, you must be taken seriously to small pupils when you pick up eyeglasses. Once you pay attention to them, they cannot affect your learning and working.
  • emale2222


    Usually the worker will measure your size of pupil in order to help you choose the right frame eyeglasses. If you are told to have the small pupils, it just means the size of pupil which is used as the channel for the light to come in is small. That is just one parameter, with no effect of your eye health.
  • Jade


    You know that pupil means primary students. But it also means a part of our eyes. It is a black spot which located in the center of the iris of the eye. The function is that allows light to enter the retina. So, I guess your friend may meaning his eyes are small.

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