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Can i wear contact lenses while cooking?

I am a girl and live alone. I often cook for myself. But i am nearsighted. And i hate to wear eyeglasses when i cook because the eyeglasses lenses get foggy. So, is it safe to wear contact lenses while cooking?
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  • Dawn C.


    Of course you can. I'm nearsighted, too. And I should also cook by myself. Even I wear framed glasses most, I still wear contacts sometimes. I wear them when I watching TV, playing badminton and cooking. When I was cooking with glasses, I often can not see the pan clearly because of the smoke. So, I think contacts are very convenient and I did these for several years. So, it is safe to wear contact lenses while cooking. But when you get very near to the oven, you should be very carefully as the high temperature. When something get into your eyes, such as pepper and onion smell, you'd better take them out.
  • Ryan


    You should not wear contacts lenses while cooking. I have a friend who also wears contacts lenses all the time. And one day, when she was cooking, she felt very painful and screamed out. All of us didn't know what happened. Then after we sent her to the hospital, the doctor told us that it's fortunate to send her in time, or she would be blind. She wore contacts when she was cooking. We knew that contact lenses are made of plastics, so it's possible to melt when there is heat or fire. You'd better know this risk and try to avoid it.
  • Dan Nelson


    "so it's possible to melt when there is heat or fire. You'd better know this risk and try to avoid " This is an urban legend and is completely false, New Contact lenses are sterilized in an autoclave at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. for 60 minutes. Exposing any portion of your body to 250 degrees Fahrenheit would result in instant 3rd-degree burns. In other words, your soft contact lenses are much more durable and fire resistant than your own eyes.
  • Robert Potter


    Although there is saying that it is better not to wear the contact lenses while having barbecue because of the high temperature, the temperature in the kitchen while cooking is that high that can damage the contact lenses in your eyes. Thus, take it easy. But what you should keep in mind is the irritants in the kitchen, such as the onions and hot pepper. Never make them into your eyes which may hurt your cornea while rubbing. So you can wear the contact lenses to get rid of the problems of making foggy caused by wearing the frame glasses during cooking.
  • christy9589


    Hello, I'm a contact owner too, the same with you. I like to wear contact when I cook. I guess it's nothing serious when you do it the same. The frame glasses is surely inconvenience of fogy looking view, I heat it. But in my opinion, there still something must pay attention to it, please keep a distance from the cook fire, and make sure there's little smoking in your kitchen. And your hands, if it has touched the pepper or other stimulating staff when you cook, please don’t forget you don't touch your eyes. After follows above cautions, there's no problem at all!
  • Jacqueline


    Because contact lenses are plastic lenses, it is not endurable for high temperature. Although cooking will not have much impact on wearing contact lenses, but it is harmful for you to wear for a long time. Long-term wearing for cooking will cause blasting. You should consider your physical safety so accidents should be avoided whenever possible. Besides, when you get home after work, you'd better take off your contact lenses let your eyes get enough rest.