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When wearing my new glasses, I feel to see deformed objects, is there something wrong with my new glasses?

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  • Xloyyer


    If you used to wear spherical lenses, and now you have the aspherical lenses, you will certainly have discomfort feeling in the beginning, but it doesn’t matter, the brain will slowly adjust to the new imaging effect.
  • Vnolpa


    When wearing new glasses, your eyes may need to have a process of adaptation to new glasses, which generally takes one to three days. After this happens, I suggest you should get used to the new glasses and not work on the computer for too long.
  • Filo


    Generally speaking, it takes a few days for your eyes to adjust to new lenses. If you still feel uncomfortable after several days, you should consider whether there was a problem in the process of making lenses or an inaccuracy in the refraction.