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What’s the disadvantage of blue light? Do I need to buy a pair of anti-blue light glasses?

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  • adf


    Short-wavelength, high energy blue light may increase the risk of mascular degeneration and contributes to digital eye strain. The anti-blue light glasses can keep fatiguing screen glare at a minimum and offer a better sleeping level.
  • Glopye


    The more you are expose to blue light, the more you may suffer damaging effects, like fatigue, headaches, and disruptions to healthy sleep patterns. The blue light blocking glasses can be a great way to mitigate the risk of prolonged exposure to blue light waves.
  • Hilyrf


    Some immediate effects are tired, heavy eyes, headaches and even blurred vision. It is necessary to get anti-blue light glasses, which can block 400nm~455nm harmful blue light to lessen eye strain and offer 100% anti-reflective coating and 97% light transmittance to get better vision.