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My son is myopic 500 degrees, can he wear sunglasses clips?

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  • Dgloper


    Of course he can. Sunglasses clips have the function that prevents dazzle light and prevent ultraviolet ray, they are beneficial for your kid’s eyes.
  • Cbloe


    I suggest you to choose lenses with high quality, because children’s eyes are in growing period, sunglasses clips can protect his eyes from strong glare outside, but when he walks into the room, as long as takes off the clips, it becomes a pair of nearsighted glasses.
  • Cnlore


    Sunglasses clips are so convenient for nearsighted people, kids can also wear them. When your son goes outside, as long as he puts the sunglasses clips down to cover the myopic lenses, it can protect eyes from the harmful ultraviolet.

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