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I will go skiing with my friends this weekend. Do I need to buy the ski goggles?

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  • Xloerq


    I suggest you to get a pair of ski goggles. They mainly have two functions: eye protection and wind wind resistant. When you ski at high speed in sub-zero temperatures, the biting wind and snowflakes are unbearable to the naked eye, so ski goggles are needed to protect your eyes.
  • Chilie


    Of course, you have to! The ski goggles can protect your eyes from harmful UV light, and they can also act as a barrier against harsh wind and snow.
  • Zoiel


    You should certainly wear ski goggles, because the sun reflection on the snow-ground is very strong, and the cold wind has strong stimulation on eyes, so you need to have a pair to protect your eyes. Moreover, they can also protect your eyes from ultraviolet light.