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How to keep your eyes open when tired?

I feel really tired. And i know that i need take a break. But i have a lot of work to do. Is there any good way that can refresh up and keep my eyes open?
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  • Warren


    When you are so tired, you will find that your eyes may be hard to open. You could drink a cup of coffee to refresh up because of the stimulation of the caffeine. You could also wash your face with cold water which could also make you get clear at the whole spirit. After you get high at the spirit, you will keep your eyes open. You could also use some eye drops to moisture the eyes which could also make your eyes open big.
  • erickie6


    1.You can have a cup of thick coffee, thick tea, or a bottle of coke cola. You can also have a taste of lime, lemon or something real sour. 2.Take a deep breath, and look up to the sky. 3.Wash your face with cold water. 4.Do something you like to do to distract your attention.
  • Jason


    Ok, I quite understand how you feel , sometimes we all have a lot of business to deal with. Anyway, if you have to stay up late. I suggest that you try to get some energy drinks to help with your fatigue. They would temporarily fresh you up and make you work longer. But they are not healthy in the long run, so you should not rely on those products. Try to figure out a better schedule for your work and life.