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Riley warren


when do people get presbyopia?

I'm 37, but i found I couldn't see small letters or read clearly. Do I have got presbyopia? as I know, however, presbyopia usually appears among old people, I'm not old I think. Can anyone tell me if this is normal? Thx
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  • eeelisa814


    People often develop presbyopia around 40 ,it can be earlier or later .So it is common for you to have presbyopia in 37 . Presbyopia coming earlier than the anticipated time can be due to several factors and it is no longer the "patent" of old people as the living habit of us are changing a lot . Playing computer excessively ,drinking too much ,or farsightedness ,bad health could make your presbyopia come in advance .
  • characterposter


    You are only 37 which is not old. Your symptom is not normal and should not belong to the presbyopia. You'd better go to see the doctor. Presbyopia is a physiological phenomenon, not the pathological state which not belongs to refractive error. This eye problem will happen among people with old age. The visual problems will be along with the age growth. The eye adjustment ability gradually decline and cause patients to have near vision difficulties. It must be in its static refractive correction besides plus lens. This kind of phenomenon is called presbyopia which will occur and develop among people above 45 years old. The occurrence and severity of the eye problem will be sooner or later with other factors. You may find difficult to see the letters clearly before you in near distance. You should go to have a full check on the eyes to see what causes this.

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