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What shouldn't you eat while getting puffy eyes?

I am troubled by my puffy eyes. What food should i avoid so as to not worsen my puffy eye?
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  • Katelyn smith


    You shall pay attention to your diet that can cause puffy eyes. I know there are some common foods that can cause swelling and puffy eyes. In details, drinking too much caffeine can cause puffy eyes, so, you shall avoid it. Besides, taking too much artificial sweetners and carbonated beverages including soda can also result of puffy eyes. Try to avoid thses food, it may help you avoid so as to not worsen my puffy eye.
  • eeelisa814


    Well, considering your situation, what you should avoid is spicy food or something produced in factories. Try to eat something mild, vegetables, fruits, yoghurt, and soup may be good choices. Meanwhile, you should get adequate sleep and try not to use your eyes too much. Perhaps things will turn out right very soon, as long as you pay more attention to them. One more thing, do not drink too much water!

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