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Isabelle garcia


How long will it take to cure my lazy eye?

I have suffered lazy eyes since i was five years old. And I'm now fifteen. Lazy eyes make me see everything bad. But i don't like to wear eyeglasses; I seldom wear it. Now, I want to go back to the eye doctor and treat my eyes. So, how long will it take to cure my lazy eyes?
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  • Alexa


    I think it may be late to cure lazy eyes for you right now. I heard that lazy eyes can be treated when children are about 4-6years old. And normally the therapy takes half a year to get a lazy eye to get working. But right now, you are 15. So, i am not sure. You'd better ask an eye doctor. Besides, you can also wear eye patches to help your lazy eyes.


    I do not think you can go back to the eye doctor and treat your eyes, because you are now fifteen. And the best time for curing the lazy eyes is before twelve. It is not so easy to achieve good results after twelve. When you found the lazy eyes at the age of five, you should go to see the good doctor to help you. That is good for your eyes.