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Elijah leslie


My kid eye balls are paining on wearing specs?

My son is 6 yrs old and had a complaint of not able to see the black board properly .Then we consulted pediatric ophthalmologist who detected that my kid is having cylindrical power of 3.0 in both eyes and prescribed glasses. We purchased the glasses /specs according to the prescription of the doctor. But now when my kid wears those specs he complaints of having pain in eye balls i.e. he gets pain in eye balls when he wears the specs .Please tell me what should i do next ? Please any one tell , can pain come on wearing specs ?
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  • Adriane


    He needs to adapt the the new glasses. This is a common problem. Your doctor may need to decrease the astigmatism and then gradually increase it as he adapts. He should wear the glasses full time. See your doctor if the problem persists after a week or so.
  • carter


    The most likely problem is that your kids had not got used to wear eyeglasses. You may let your kid insist on wearing it for around a week. If the pain is not gone, please contact his eye doctor to check out whether the prescription is right or not. Hope this helpful.
  • Miranda


    Sorry to learn this problem. Firstly, I think you need to make sure whether your son's eyeglasses prescription is right or not. If he wear eyeglasses for myopia that are too strong, he will probably be able to see fine, but his yes will be using a lot more accommodative power than usual and would probably cause eyestain and headaches and might have trouble seeing things close up. Secondly, his headache may also be caused because of his maladjustment like the fish out of water. So he need some more time to get him used to it or you can check up whether the frame is too tight to his head. Hope this helpful.
  • Angela tuener


    Sorry to read you are having problem, in fact, there are many reasons lead to your kid's eye balls feel paining on wearing glasses, such as he had a wrong prescription or Allergies or infections and so on, I am not a eye doctor. You had better go to the glasses store, to do a comprehensive exam, if possible, buy a new pair of glasses for your kid.
  • Karanvir


    Hi Elijah, My son is 8 year old. He is facing same problem. He just started wearing astigmatism correction glasses. He has cyl -1.25 in both eyes. How did ur son recover from it. Can u pls let me know