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Why I should buy a pair of eyeglasses just for driving in the dark?

i recently had my eyes checked, i am 30 years, and have never had glasses before. this time the optician recommended that i should buy a cheap pair of frames and have glasses just to drive in the dark, can any one tell me why? the dark? i thought normally glasses were for being long or short sighted.
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  • arnold


    Night driving is difficult for many people. Driving in the dark is much different from driving during the daylight hours. The human eye's field of vision is much smaller without the help of natural light. Driving at night is far more dangerous than driving in daylight according to the statistics. Though only 10% of road miles are driven in the dark, 48% of road fatalities occur at night. That's primarily because at night our pupils dilate, and we become short-sighted, though glare, halos, and reduced peripheral vision all contribute to ocular tiredness.Special eyewear for driving provide complete UV-A and UV-B protection, and offer an anti-reflective treatment, which reduces glare and offers more accurate sight from dusk to dawn.
  • Neil


    Of course, I think a pair of eyeglasses for night driving is a must. Most people believe that yellow tinted or yellow polarized night driving glasses are beneficial for night time driving. The thought is, the yellow or amber color reduces glare and improves contrast. However, in reality, when driving at night or dusk in already limited lighting conditions, any tint further reduces the amount of light transmitted to the eye and consequently further impairs vision. So the best option for night time driving is a pair of spectacles with clear lenses and an AR coating. The AR coating is beneficial in two ways. First, it minimizes internal reflections within the lenses, reducing halo problems, and second, it increases the transmittance of light through the lens to the eye. However, it is important to note, if a patient does not normally wear spectacles, AR coated lenses, or any other type of night driving glasses will not improve night vision, as AR coatings only minimize aberrations that are inherent in ophthalmic lenses and night driving glasses will simply serve to introduce those abberations to the wearer's vision.
  • Joseph campbell


    Apparently, needing glasses to drive at night isn't really all that rare at all. Many people with fine daytime vision can struggle to see signs, lines on the highway, or streetlights after dark. As anyone who needs glasses knows, the absence of light certainly makes seeing harder, not easier. So watch out for so-called "night driving glasses" that you may be able to purchase at a drug store without a prescription if you do not have any vision problems. Moreover, there is one coating you do want on your lenses, which is ant-reflective coating if you do a lot of driving after dark. This clear coating can help minimize the glare and halo effect that you get from staring into oncoming headlights. There are a few other things you can do to help your night vision too, and they are pretty simple. Be sure both your windshield and your glasses are clean, and your headlights too. If you've ruled out your own vision as a problem, try these options to see if they make a difference in your visibility after-dark. Hope this helpful.
  • Nadine


    Driving at night is that you need as much light to get to your eye as possible in order to react. With any tint, even a light tint, you are reducing the amount of information that gets to your eye. The interesting thing is that driving glasses will make your vision better, they are proven to give a much clearer view of the road during night time, And they can protect your eyes in a good condition. Night driving glasses are light and can easily be carried around. This means you don't need buy multiple pairs if you have more than one car. My own preference for driving is to get polarized lenses. I also would like recommend to everyone. But if you don't need prescription glasses, you have a huge selection.