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How can multifocal lenses address myopia in children?

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  • lampo


    Researchers are still learning about the positive effects of multifocal lenses on the eyes of children with myopia. However, current information indicates that when children wear multifocal lenses, which forces light to converge directly onto the retina, it can decrease the stimulus for eye growth. The absence of further growth can stop the progression of myopia and give affected children the chance to enjoy clear vision earlier in life.
  • Gabriel peters


    It is found that bifocals significantly inhibited myopia progression in children when compared with single-vision lenses. The current trial also differed from previous studies in that the investigators used executive bifocal lenses instead of multifocal lenses. The segment line of the executive bifocal lenses provides feedback to the children and ensures that they deliberately use the reading portion of the lens for close work. In contrast, multifocal lenses tend to be misused by children.
  • ANNA


    A small scale study by researchers said that. Wearing multifocal contact lenses reduces the rate of progression of myopia in children by 50%. The lengthening of the eye, a key measure of myopia, was also found to be reduced by an average of 29% when compared with the single-vision lens study. Although it is not entirely clear why the multifocal lenses had this effect, it is thought it may be due to the relative positive power at the periphery of the lens."The lens puts light at the front part of the retina and that acts as a signal to slow the growth of the eye".