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Trinity hill


Do you have to take eye drops before Lasik surgery?

My doctor asked me to take lubricating eye drops for a week before lasik because my right eye was a little dry. But I am a little worried. I never feel I had dry eyes before. I wonder if I should still have lasik surgery.
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  • walker03andrea


    People with dry eye aren't qualified for lasik surgery. So you should go to check with other doctors to see whether you are the candidate for lasik surgery. Special eye drops are used before lasik surgery.
  • Jada shelley


    It doesn't mean you don't have dry eyes if there is no itch or redness.The doctor can check your eyes under close inspection. If you have dry eyes, you are not a good candidate for lasik surgery. The doctor just wants to make sure the the surgery goes as smooth as possible and you should trust him.

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