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Jose joyce


What happens if i wear contacts with the wrong base curve

I think I am wearing the wrong BC for my contacts cuz my BC number on my prescription is 8.5 but I just found my contacts I am wearing is 8.4. What results could it be if I wear the wrong base curve for my contacts?
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  • Alexandria taylor


    The smaller the number is, the steeper your base curve is. The base curve of your contacts should fit your eyes properly. If you get a smaller base curve, you will find it too tight and uncomfortable. If you get a large one, you will feel too loose.
  • Christian george


    It is just like wearing wrong size shoes for your feet. If the base curve is smaller, it can cause shortage of oxygen in the cornea and even congestion in the eyes. If the base curve is larger, the contact lenses will slide in your eyes and cause discomfort.