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What color lens should I get for my ski goggles?

I almost always ski at night and was wondering what the best color lens was for night skiing?
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  • 04/17/2012

    As you ski in night mostly ,it is better for you to get bright yellow or clear lenses . They can emphasiz shadows in the snow so you can see bumps better. They also work well in moderate and variable light conditions.They work well in darker.
  • Ethan walker


    bright yellow or clear, i prefer bright yellow because i guess u could say it is similar to light
  • Julio G.


    In bright light, dark tints such as copper, dark brown, dark gray and dark green will keep your eyes more comfortable while they increase contrast.
  • Zoe


    Lenses used in ski goggles are frequently a yellow-orange hue. This color enhances contrast, so you can see more clearly the shapes, objects and bumps in the snow, by blocking out the blue, or hazy, end of the color spectrum.For this reason, lenses of this color sometimes are called "blue-blockers."Rose is another good contrast-enhancing color.
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