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What are the best sports sunglasses for running/biking/triathlons?

Are Oakley Half Jackets fine ?
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  • 04/17/2012

    The Oakley Half Jacket should be fine ,but neither better or worse than any other brand . They are designed specifically for sports with dual-lens and also have interchanchable lenses. It is better for you to choose a polarized pair,it would allows you to enjoy the sports much more . It is hard to say which is the best sunglasses for sports ,just choose what you think is the most comfortable.
  • Brook Park


    Ok, I can see that you are eager to get yourself a pair of sports sunglasses so as to better have sports outside. Anyway, there are currently hundreds of sunglasses brands in the world and it is hard for you to look for the best. Oakley Half Jackets looks fine and it could well resist a lot of harmful lights and give you better vision, when you choose sunglasses ,try look for polarized ones, they are much better. And I recommend Adidas sunglasses to you for they are made for sports use.

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