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Are implantable contact lenses good for severe myopia?

I am very shortsighted, and the doctor told me lasik surgery is not effective for me. Would implantable contact lenses be a better choice for me?
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  • handril


    Yes. If you have severe myopia, you are not suitable for lasik surgery. However, implantable contact lenses can help treat your severe myopia. Implantable contact lenses are inserted into your eyes, say behind the iris to help with your vision correction. They are safe, effective, so you can try implantable contact lenses for your high myopia. I believe you can get better effect from implantable contact lenses.
  • lovemyICLS


    yes, you can find more information about Implantable Contact Lenses (also known as Visian Implantable Collamer Lenses) at Visian ICLs are more advantageous than Lasik because it is a reversible procedure and can be used to treat very high myopia.
  • Hunter Trott


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