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David cook


Does contact lenses removal tool really work?

I just heard that there are contact lenses removal tool to help you remove contact lenses. It is really good news for me, but does it really work?
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  • chocolate_cute


    I am not sure whether the contact lenses removal tool does work or not because I've never used it before. In my opinion, the contact lenses removal tool is a little dangerous. I am afraid it can hurt the eyes if you are not careful enough. I would rather use the fingers to take the contact lenses out than use the removal tool. Maybe you may find it difficult to remove the contact lenses for the first time, but you may get used to them soon or later.
  • ELLIOTT Wallace


    As far as I'm concerned, no matter it really works or not, it is an unnecessary thing because you can remove the contact lenses easily without any tools. Just do as the following steps: first, wash your hand and dry them; second, press your up-eyelashes with your forefinger, press your down-eyelashes with your middle finger and try to open your eyes as widely as you can so that the whole eyeball can be seen; last exert both your index and middle fingers in pulling to the direction of your contacts, and at the same time blink for some times. Practice more a few times, and you will find it so easy!

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