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How to clean glasses with anti-reflection glasses?

I am warned that they can get easily scratched if not cleaned properly. What should I use the clean them and how?
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  • edward


    First, rinse your glasses under warm, running water. Then apply a small amount of non-toxic, ammonia and alcohol-free cleaning solution to your hands. Next use your hands to rub the lenses for a while. Place your glasses aside and wash your hands clean under the water and dry them with a clean towel. Then rinse your glasses under the running water from both front and back of the lens. Finally rinse your glasses vertically from top of the frame and then use a clean cloth to absorb the water drop that flow down to the bottom of the lens.
  • cahekm_12b


    There should be a special cleaning kit for the glasses and you can get it from optical store such as Lenscrafters.
  • evilrain


    Avoid using soap or other cleaner that is too strong for them. There is spray specially for cleaning glasses. Don't rub the lenses too hard.

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