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Are sore eyes a symptom of swine flu?

Can sore eyes be a symptom of swine flu? Is this possible?
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  • handril


    Yes,you are right.Sore eyes are a symptom of swine flu.However,it doesn't mean that you get a swine flu if you have got sore eyes.When you get a swine flu,you will have some obvious symptoms such as sickness,a high fever,a bad headache,aching muscles,sore eyes and so on.First of all,you should make it clear that what you are suffering from is ordinary flu or a swine flu.They have much difference.People who get swine flu will have symptoms like shortness of breath,persistent vomiting,mindlessness and dizziness.No matter what situation you are in,you should go to the hospital at once.And try to take right measure to prevent it to be infectious.Take care,everything will be fine.
  • Gail


    Yes, sore eyes can be a symptom of swine flu. It is very possible. When you get swine flu, your immune system will decline. Your eyes will be so dry to some degree. You need to use some eye drops to moisture the eyes. In addition, you could also use the warm compress to make yourself feel comfortable at the eyes. You need to have good rest for the swine flu and use the medical care to treat it.

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