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Elijah walker


How long does light sensitivity last after lasik?

I just took lasik surgery. And now, my eyes feel sensitive to light. Can you tell me how long does light sensitivity last after lasik?
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  • chokeyourthroat


    There are many side effects after the lasik surgery which needs you to take care of the eyes carefully. Usually your sensitive symptom to light after the lasik surgery will be lasted for about a week. Then you could check whether your eyes are still sensitive to the light. During this time, you could protect the eyes carefully on the diet and rest.
  • cheryl


    Well, I can see that you have just took lasik surgery recently, which could help you to regain your lost vision. However, there would inevitably be some side effects, such as photophobia, watery eyes, painful eyes, red eyes, etc. However, those side effects are just normal due to higher eye pressure after the surgery, you should try to receive some follow up treatment under the doctor's directions, and within one week or two you would be recovered. Also, try to get more vitamins and vegetables.
  • Richard Schneider


    Well, generally speaking, it will just take about three days for your eyes to recover from sensitivity to light. And according to some experts, it is normal to have sensitivity to light. And in some degree, it can be the photophobia too. So just be careful about it. by the way, you should know that this symptom can be caused by many factors, including eye infection. So after the surgery, just try some ways to protect your eyes from some irritants. You can just wear eye patch to achieve it.