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How to make your eyes look all black?

I want to make my eyes look all black. Is there any way that i can achieve such images? What is your suggestion?
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  • Ethan edward


    It seems that you want to change the appearance of your eyes. However, as far as I know, there are simply no natural ways to achieve your goal. Therefore, you can only do this if you try to wear contact lenses, especially colored contacts, which is able to give you the desired effect. You can find black contact lenses at almost every optical stores, usually they are quite cheap.
  • Isabel


    I have never heard of any method to achieve such image. I only saw this in movies, ghost movies. Yet I know the full black colored contact lenses could make your whole eyes look black. I saw some online. You can search then out. I suggest you to choose this kind of contact lenses that can make your eyes look all black.
  • Makayla raphael


    OK, you can just get black contact lenses. All black lenses are big and cover about 2 thirds of the eye. As long as they are properly cleaned they can be used over and over again. This is an inexpensive and safety way to make your eyes look all black.

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