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What causes blurred vision in the afternoon?

I feel vision blurry this afternoon and i don't know why. Does that means my myopia become more serious?
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  • Benji


    There are many reasons for blurred vision. First of all, the prolonged working time for your eyes. Focusing eyes for a prolonged period could make your eyes strain, and get blurred vision. Nowadays, most of us use computer in our working. Looking at the computer for more than 2hours will give you such feeling. Take some vision breaks or do some eyes exercises for 3 minutes to relax the muscle align the eye. If you still feel vision blur, then I suggest you to check your myopia. Get a pair of glasses or contact lenses which are suitable for your eyes can make you feel much better. If your prescription is getting heavier, and you ignore it, which will make the things worse. You may get eye strain, blurred vision and headache. Change your eye wear in time to avoid this kind of situation. The correct way of using eyes is very important. Hope you could get a suitable pair of eyewear for you!
  • clarinetbandguy


    Hello, in my opinion, your blurry eyes in the afternoon has no exact collection with you myopia. However, sometimes blepharitis cam cause such problem. What's more, some problems of blood in the eye could also do that. You can first go to see an ophthalmologist to see if there are some collections.And also, remember to relax your eyes properly in the day. Good luck!

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