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Kelly gary


How to get eyelash glue off your eyelids?

After using false eyelashes, i get eyelashes glue on my eyelid. Is there anything i can do to remove this glue off my eyelid?
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  • Lex


    You can dip a Q-tip of cleansing oil or olive oil and apply it on your eyelid. Let it stay on your eyelids for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds, you can wipe the eyelashes glue easily with Q-tip or tissue. After this, you can wash your eyes with clean lukewarm water. It's better for you to wash your eyes with lukewarm water as it cleans better and makes you feel more comfortable.
  • hill


    There are many ways to get eyelash glue off your eyelids. Dip a cotton swab in eyelash glue remover or extra virgin olive oil. But the cotton swab should not be soaked by the remover, for it may slip into your eyes and cause irritation. Swipe the remover slowly on your eyelids, at first outside and then inward. If you do not have eyelash glue remover or extra virgin olive oil, you can use baby oil or ordinary makeup remover instead. You can try a warm cloth. Put it on your eyes, and it will make the glue easy to remove.
  • Olavi


    Well, in daily life there are many people who are using eyelashes extension to make their eyelashes look longer. And at that moment, eye lashes glue can be a problem. And there are some ways you can try to remove eyelashes glue on the eyelid. First, you can just loosen any eyelash glue residue by rinsing your face with water and a gentle cleanser. And then, just place a small amount of false-eyelash remover onto a cotton ball and gently massage it into the lash line area, working from the outer edge inward. And then, you may need to add more remover or oil to any leftover eyelash glue residue and gently wipe away with a cotton swab. Finally, you can just rinse face with water and a gentle cleanser, making sure the eye area is completely clean. Anyway, just have a try.
  • jill


    Remove eyelash glue by prepping the area with water on a cotton swab, applying makeup remover and carefully pulling the false eyelashes away from the eyes. Use acetone to remove eyelash glue from hard surfaces or an upholstery cleaner to remove it from clothing, carpeting or a couch. You need tweezers and cotton swabs as well. 1. Prep the false eyelashes. Use a Q-tip, makeup sponge or cotton swab to gently apply warm water, coconut oil or olive oil to the line of the eyelashes. Allow the liquid to set for a few minutes to soften the glue.2. Apply makeup remover. Purchase an eyelash glue remover or any non-oil-base makeup remover. Apply the makeup remover to the line of the eyelashes using a cotton swab. Allow the makeup remover to set in for the time recommended on the bottle.3. Push the eyelashes down to remove. Hold the false eyelashes with one hand and use a cotton swab to push them down. Pull gently down to remove the false eyelashes painlessly. Use tweezers for individual faux lashes or for clump lashes.4. Clean the eyelashes. It is important to remove the eyelash glue from false lashes to make them reusable. Use a cotton swab to gently apply alcohol to the back of the eyelashes and then use tweezers to carefully pull the remaining glue off the back. Set the lashes aside to dry and then store them for later use.
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