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Diane Rhone


Does michael ealy wear contacts?

Do you know if michael ealy wears contacts? What type of contact lenses does he wear?
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  • Trinity rose


    Well, as you can see, michael ealy is an American black actor who has got a lot of fans throughout America. So, since he is a black man, thus he originally has black eyes, but you know, he likes to wear grey or blue contact lenses to appear more attractive to the fans. Actually, what they wear is just our choices, because contact lenses are nearly of the same function, maybe his contacts are more expensive.
  • Nadine


    Michael Ealy is known to wear the colored contact lenses. It is blue contact lenses that Michael Ealy wears. Among many colored contact lenses, the blue contact lenses receive great popularity among both men and women. The blue color of contact lenses is really attractive and charming. If you want to buy one, you could go to the ebay or amazon to have a look.
  • Thomas


    It is hard to tell whether or when does Michael Ealy wear contact lenses. If he wears transparent contact lenses, it is difficult to tell. Yet no matter you are short sighted or not, you can still choose wearing contact lenses to enhance your look. Some people doesn't like the frame glasses, so they would like to wear contact lenses, which will not hid the eyes. And now there many kinds of color contact lenses, with beautiful patterns. Hope you could find your favorite eye wears.