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What are suitable glasses for people with low nose bridge?

I have a really low nose bridge and my eyes are a bit uneven. That add difficulty for me to choose eyeglasses. Can you give me some ideas? What type of eyeglasses will fit me well? Thanks!
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  • exxxtazzzy


    Personally, if you have a low nose bridge, you can choose glasses with little nose pads on normal glasses. Maybe it can flatter you. And you can try some rectangular eyeglasses frames. Besides, you shall avoid eyeglasses lenses who won't too low to cover part of your face so as not to make your nose bridge noticeable.
  • erickie6


    For the people who have low nose bridge, when they choose eyeglasses, they would have to choose the one with nose pad which make you feel comfortable when you wearing sunglasses. The hard-edged frame glasses will be the best choice to this kind of people. Some decorations on the glasses of fashion feature will also distract people's attention from your low nose. The lighter color sunglasses will bring fresh and cool feeling to you. The above points are what I would like commend to you!
  • Gnneme


    Metal framed glasses would be more suitable as you can adjust the nose bits, you%u2019d better not with the plastic or shell frames

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