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Andrea lester


Can I buy non prescription glasses online and make it prescribed in my optometrist?

I just lost my rayban glasses and I want to buy the same pair online because they were much cheaper.Is it possible to buy them online and make it prescribed in my optometrist?
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    Yes you can, there are many online stores offer rayban glasses , you can find a reliable one which offer the frames with your favorite style and provide your valid/ correct prescription, so that they can make a prescribed pair special for you at quite affordable price.
  • elen_t


    It is possible for you to do that way. However, it is difficult to made your prescription lenses fit your glasses frame that you buy online and this usually cost more.So some technicians in the lab will refuse to do it for you. You'd better buy a new pair of glasses which is prescribled by your optician.
  • garcia


    Of course you can.But why don't you get the lenses together.Many online stores can make the prescribed lenses for customers.