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What glasses lens should I get if I want to wear them all the time?

I am nearsighted,what kind of lens should I get for my glasses, varifocal or bifocal?Can I wear them when I'm on the computer and watching tv?
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  • Dylan duncan


    I suggest you choose bifocals for they are easy to be get used to. You can make your bifocals glasses have two focal lengths. One focal length allows you to focus at distant objects, such as watching TV. The other focal length allows you to focus on closer objects, such as computer screen.
  • Arianna


    If you are only nearsighted, you don't have to wear bifocal or varifocal glasses. A pair of prescription glasses is enough for you. Just depend on the degree of your nearsightedness, you can wear them all the time. What's more, if you can see the TV or computer screen clearly without glasses, there is no need for you to wear glasses when you watch TV or use a computer.
  • carl


    I think you may need progressive glasses as you want to wear them all the time for reading or watching TV.They have multifocus and enable you to see far,middle and near.