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Where to get eye drops for sore eyes?

My eyes are very sore, I want to know what eye drops can help me to get rid of sore eyes?
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  • Riley eddy


    You can use some eye drops which can relieve eye strain, and also have anti-inflammatory treatment, you can use ofloxacin eye drops. The reason for most people have sore eye is that the eye itself has some problems, such as infection, stimulated or injured. But sometimes, although your eyes are painful, but it means other parts of your body have problem, so I recommend you go to the hospital and have an examination. You should also pay attention to eye health, and develop good habits, eat more fruits and vegetables which benefit your eyes.


    Living in the modern society, people are sometimes bothered by a couple of eye problems, such as dry eye and eye itching. Generally speaking, these are not serious conditions but they also deserve proper attention. Until now, the most popular solution is to use eye drops or ointments. In the market, eye drops and ointments are available both in over-the-counter (OTC) type and prescription type. In fact, eye drops can ease many more eye problems, including redness, allergies, soreness, swelling, mattering, and infections. But you should make sure you are the temporary symptoms or long-term symptoms,so that we can operate a target treatment for you. Sum up,proper OTC drops are always competent for most eye problems described above. These eye drops can be conveniently bought at local pharmacies without a doctor's prescription. In contrast, serious conditions do require a doctor's visit and get prescription medications and eye drops.
  • warren


    A lot of reason will lead to sore eyes, including conjunctivitis, keratinize and so on. If the inflection is the main reason for your sore eyes, you can choose some antimicrobial drops like norfloxacin eye drops. But if you just overuse your eyes to fatigue, you should let your eyes have a rest and meanwhile using some antifatigue drops which you can find easily in pharmacy.