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Have you ever had to fix your own broken glasses? What did you use?

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  • 04/13/2012

    Yes.When my glasses are broken,I always fix them by myself.If I lose a screw,I will find a screw to screw it .If the temples are broken,I will use the glue first to glue it together.If the glue doesn’t work,then I will use the tape to hold it together.
  • Guava


    I just throw away my broken glasses, because they will be ugly though I fixed them with superglues. Why not buy a pair of plastic glasses online. The glasses sold online are very cheap nowadays. You don't need to fix them anymore.
  • gerard


    You broke your glasses too? I broke my glasses by accident yesterday. Now I have to find some ways to fix them. I just come across this I think there are some useful suggestions. You can have a look too. Hope this helped! I will have a try right now. Wish me good luck!
  • vincent


    I won't do that by myself because I am not good at handwork. I will turn to an optician to help me with this. I broke my plastic glasses by accident last year. I asked my optician to fix them by some glues. But later they broke again. I have to buy pair new glasses in the end. So I think fixed glasses also can’t last long. Why not buy a pair of new glasses? It is more convenient. But this will cost nearly $100.
  • Rebecca


    Yeah. When you buy the glasses, there is a repair kit. You can use these repair kits to fix the eyewear by yourself.
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