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How do I remove scratch resistant coating from glasses?

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  • ctakah4ik


    You can buy 3oz bottle from Michael's craft store. It will only cost you $6.50. Then you can remove the lenses from the frame. And then put a nice thick layer on both sides of each lens for 5 minutes. You can't rub and scratch your lenses at this time. And then repeat this procedure. After doing this for two times, you can wash them off. This will help get rid of the scratched coating on the surface of the lenses. Hope this helped!
  • 04/13/2012

    As time goes on,the layer of coating on lenses may begin to peel away in a way that will limit your vision through eyeglasses.So we should remove it from plastic lenses so that we can see clearly again.There is a way that plastic lens scratches can be repaired.Just use a cotton spread a coat of Armour Etch on the both lenses and let it remain for about five minutes.Then rinse the lenses in clear,warm water.Finally,dry off the lenses with a nonabrasive towel and the scrath resistant coating can be removed.
  • ecxsrkes


    Why do you want to remove this coating, dude? This coating can prevent the lenses from getting scratched by accident. Many people want their glasses to be scratch resistence. I have a pair of glasses. The optician told me that they were scratch resistence when I bought them in an optical store. I don't know how to remove them. You can consult the optician.
  • Catherine


    You can use Bleche-Wite tire cleaner to help remove the coating. Just have a try! Good luck!
  • Jonathan


    Tire cleaner that contains hydrofluric acid can help remove coatings on plastic lenses. Put a couple milliliters of tire cleaner which has sodium metasilicate and sodium orthosilicate in a small ceramic bowl. And then submerge the lenses in the solution for about an hour. The coating dissolved completely. And then you can rinse it off.